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1. One year Accelerated MBA rogram 2021 Brochure

2. One year Accelerated MA Program 2021 Brochure

3. Undergraduate BBA Program 2021 Brochure

4. Online Application Forms

5. MBA/MA/BBA Tuition & Admissions Summary Sheet

6. Application Procedure: 繁體, 简体

7. Two years Executive MBA Program 2021 Brochure

Apply thru us, you are able to get Scholarship (10% ~15% of Master's Tuition or 10% of Bachelor's Tuition).

Pathway program offered for those who do not meet English Proficiency requirement , call for detail.

大學是英語教學, 或 外派英語國家工作二年以上, 可申請免托福雅思, 只需通過校內英語測試即可!

You May Apply Directly On Line on HULT Website: HULT Online Application

Taiwan: 0987799502; China: 13267037072; APPLY-ONLINE; You may call SKYPE:shih2008click to call LINE: piecltd

Updated: 2021-1-01